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Baboon Yodel

Baboon Yodel is your one-stop podcast for all things news and culture. Brought to you by your very own born-again infidel Ed Amon and dedicated wheat denier Renee Church, we serve you piping hot amusing spiritual sewage on the latest each week.

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Aug 28, 2020

The My Country odyssey continues! They go low, we get high on a marijuana referendum special! On a more somber note, we talk about the sentencing of the Christchurch Terrorist and we can't hold back a little talk about tramadol constipation.

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Aug 21, 2020

The My Country special continues as Heta Dawson and Corin Healy return! We talk about dear leader Kim Jong Un wanting to confiscate all the dogs in North Korea and discuss what we would be like as dictators! Get ready to take this power trip. Also Ed apologizes for accidentally recording his webcam audio instead of...

Aug 12, 2020

It's the My Country special! This week Ed is joined by special guests (and comedy colleagues) Heta Dawson and Corin Healy to talk about Auckland's shocking surprise lockdown, politics, conspiracy theories and how resident president Jacinda Ardern will kick your ass! This one's for the true Kiwis.


Aug 5, 2020

RIP to legendary Shrek cosplay icon Regis Philbin! He's gone! Aside from our all-too-often memorial corner we also talk about the potential coronoa virus hub that is Disney Land and the horrific Beirut Blast. Get ready for tonal whiplash folks.

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FACEBOOK: @BaboonYodel